Independent: Ezequiel Muñoz’s career to avoid an operation with a very high cost

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The defender sprained the same knee in which he had suffered a torn ligament earlier in his career. An eventual intervention would force him to a long inactivity.

Before this start with two victories in a row, in Independiente very bad news had lit the warning signal in the squad. One of the reinforcements that had arrived in the break was not going to be able to start the season on the field due to an injury: Ezequiel Muñoz he sprained his right knee in training and this put him off. To make matters worse, the recovery of the central defender is not so simple and now he faces a race to see if he can avoid going into the operating room.

In a reduced soccer rehearsal in the week prior to the first leg match with Atlético Tucumán for the Copa Sudamericana, Muñoz’s knee caught and pain ran through his body like a chill. The entorsis was complex, according to Villa Domínico.

The problem was that in that same leg he had suffered in 2009, when he was 18 years old and played in Boca, the cruciate ligament tear. The doctor Jorge Batista He was the one who operated it on that occasion. He had no further problems with that knee. In January he had a sprain playing for Lanús, but nothing serious.

However, this new injury generated a “partial plastic damage” from that old operation that was done 11 years ago, as detailed in the medical report. Therefore, the planning of the doctors and kinesiologists of the Avellaneda club is to take it little by little and focus on strengthening the muscle area to achieve knee stability and thus not having to operate.

“If the strengthening work does not work, there will be no choice but to operate,” he admitted. Daniel Martins, one of the doctors of the campus, in conversation with Red Pride. If this happens, the recovery times would be similar to that of a cruciate ligament tear, meaning that Muñoz should be off the court for a semester.

At the moment, the 30-year-old footballer responds positively to the exercises: “He is progressing well with his work. He no longer has anything swollen. The idea is to analyze it for two weeks. If it evolves well, the idea is that in ten days from now more do ball work and test it on the court, “explained Martins.

The one who will finally have a lower recovery than expected is the juvenile Lucas Gonzalez, who bent his right ankle in his debut for the Professional League Cup, last Sunday against Central Córdoba.

“The studies carried out showed that Jumped there is no bone lesion. The player is already working to recover from the sprained right ankle, “reported the part disclosed by Independiente. Of course, it may not be in the consideration of Lucas Pusineri for the rematch with Atlético this Thursday.

For that duel, the DT plans to present a formation very similar to that of the outbound crossing, although he maintains a doubt: include Andres Roa or keep to Federico Martínez. The Colombian started for the local competition, while the Uruguayan did so internationally. Pusineri will define this Wednesday.



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