In the video Joel Pohjanpalo’s Friday goal. The Bundesliga can be watched on V Sport’s channels as well as Viaplays.

Joel Pohjanpalo started a new season in the Bundesliga strongly as the 26-year-old striker hit Union Berlin’s 4-0 lead in a match against Mainz on Friday.

Pohjanpalo came in off the bench.

The Pohjanpalo has been confusingly effective in the matches it plays in the Bundesliga.

Suomalaiskärki has scored a total of eight goals in 21 league matches. Pohjanpalo has played only 324 minutes in the Bundesliga during his career. In proportion to playing time, Pohjanpalo has finished the goal on average every 40 minutes. Of course, the sample is still small in terms of game minutes.

Pohjanpalo was also effective in the 2nd Bundesliga last season, as the Owl tip hit nine hits in HSV’s shirt in 14 matches.

In total, Pohjanpalo has played 91 matches in the 2nd Bundesliga, where he has scored 27 goals. In relation to playing time, every 193 minutes on average, he has sent the ball to the nets of the net.

Pohjanpalo made its debut in the second Bundesliga as early as autumn 2013 in the ranks of Aachen. In the No. 1 Bundesliga, the first minutes came into account in August 2016.

Pohjanpalo moved to Union Berlin with a loan agreement from Bayer Leverkusen. The loan agreement includes a call option.