Steven Stamkos, 30, is the Tampa Bay Lightning captain who celebrated the championship, but played in the playoffs for just two minutes and 47 seconds. Stamkos was given a chance to change things around.

The attacker was said to be injured, but the details were obscured. Thursday Lightning’s GM Julien BrisBois however, provided more detailed information on Stamkos’ health.

Stamkos was diagnosed with a “sports hernia” in the spring, which often means a groin hernia. She underwent surgery in early March. In March, the club said the surgery repaired an “injury to a deep mid-body muscle”.

The center returned from the operation in an exemplary manner and returned to training strength in Tampa Bay. The joy did not last long, as rehabilitation caused another injury.

If the tweet is not visible, you can look its here.

BrisBois does not specify what the injury is. However, he promises Stamkos will be fit to play by next season’s training camps – anytime they are held.

– We expect him to be fit to play for next season. He will meet with an expert next week to get a full picture of his current injury. The recovery is expected to be weeks, not months, BrisBois commented, according to Tampa Bay.

If the tweet is not visible, you can look its here.

Stamkos, who was first booked for the NHL in 2008, has suffered numerous major injuries in his career.

From 2013 to 2014, he was on the side halfway through the tibia fracture. In 2015–2016, a blood clot completely ruined the latter part of the season, and the following season, a bad knee injury ate 65 games.

Tampa Bay won the Dallas Stars in the sixth final match Monday 2-0. The Stanley Cup came out 4-2.

Stamkos only appeared in the third game. He scored a 5-2 goal for Lightning. However, the injury bothered him even more, and the captain no longer returned to the trough.

Stamkos has won the NHL goal kingdom twice. He scored 29 + 37 = 66 in 57 regular season games.