The leading figure of the Ysäribylus Hausmylly Hannu “Enzo” Pulkkinen, 58, excites the beginning of next month. That’s when he gets a doctor’s verdict on the progression of his lung cancer diagnosed last February and the success of treatments.

There is also another cancer patient in the family, My-wife whose breast cancer was diagnosed last March, a month after Enzo’s cancer.

In May, the couple married, and Mia, who is the manager of Hausmylly, officially became Pulkkinen.

– I have received irradiation and cytostatic at the same time during the 12 days, it has been a tough time. The cancer is at the end of the bronchus and close to the heart. Osteoarthritis still hit everything with its own ailments in this body, Enzo repeats his mood

The couple lives in Haukiputaa, only twenty kilometers from Oulu University Hospital.

– Yes, I am afraid of the day on November 10, when I will receive my judgment, but there is hope. Fortunately, there is no pain, Enzo says.

Mia has received cytostatic treatments for two tumors of her left breast, and this Tuesday she had her last treatment this week. There are fifteen more sets ahead.

– Often in the hospital parking lot is vomited while we have been waiting for each other. We have supported and hugged each other as we live in a home of two cancers in the Corona Age, Mia describes a time that seems almost “unreal”.

In addition to its own diseases, the world has been hit by a pandemic.

Movies and time together

Illness has also affected Enzo’s appearance. At its lowest, the man weighed only 65 pounds, but now he says he has gained an additional 12 pounds.

– The last readings were 77.5 pounds.

Enzo has not consumed alcohol since the spring.

– The cap stays closed, now the most important things are taken care of. I would have taken a few whispers last May Day, Enzo says.

Mia and Enzo say everyday is the best now.

– This marriage is my first and during that time we have only come closer. It can be affected by this Corona Age and of course the battles of cancer. Common time and everyday chores seem important and meaningful. We watch a lot of movies, for example, Enzo says.

Forced rest from gigs, on the other hand, has been a good thing.

– When a pandemic closed gig venues and there are restrictions, one can only submit and adapt. You can’t do anything else, Enzo continues.

The joint plans of the musician and the Manager for new music have brought hope and joy.

Ysäri to glory

Despite the harsh treatments, Enzo has managed to record Movetron together with other co-stars Päivi Lepistö, Time machine Sanin and They watch with a new song. New To the last song is a guitarist Tuomas Keskisen handwriting.

– Hausmylly is definitely a band and it was a pleasure to have other stars in the song. The thoughts took off and there was a lot of joy in the studio. New music is expected then in the spring at the latest, Enzo gets excited.

The great joy is that the sound or the enthusiasm for singing has not been affected by cancer or harsh treatments.