Supernanny familiar from MTV’s Supernanny Finland program Pia Penttala arrived at the Live Audience of Dancing with the Stars show with a significant slimming. In an interview with Iltalehti, Penttala said that she had lost as much as 22 kilos with weight loss surgery.

– I got sick with hypertension last autumn and then we started to investigate what is behind all this, and then we found ways to help it a lot, Penttala says.

– The illness I have visited vatsalaukunpienennysleikkauksessa, Penttala continue.

Penttala says he’s not quite you yet with his transformation.

– I’m a little confused yet somehow, but of course I’m awfully glad she says.

– Now there is no concern for your own health, so it is important. There is no rejuvenation here, Penttala continues.

He says he has tried numerous different diets over the years without achieving the results he wants.

– I have always been hard to move and I have been eating quite reasonably healthy and oikeinkin time and still my body does not react to it in any way. I’ve tried all kinds of diets.

With the weight loss surgery, the successful deformation feels holistically healed by Oona.

– The change in life has done good, Penttala sums up his mood.

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