Increased patrols around Fort Wayne by ISP due to rising statewide fatality statistics.

Indiana State Police officers are increasing patrols in the Fort Wayne area as part of a statewide campaign to enforce sober driving. The high-visibility patrols will show zero tolerance for anyone driving aggressively, over the speed limit or under the influence, and will last until April 4. This time of year has several annual events that commonly lead to driving problems such as St. Patrick’s Day and the NCAA Tournament. There were 73 deaths and more than 2,200 injuries in Indiana car crashes this time last year according to state police who intend to fight it across their campaign, with fatality statistics continuing to climb statewide.

Sober Ride Indiana is encouraging road safety by offering discounted rideshare services during March Madness basketball games being held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis from March 18th through April 5th. Rides can be booked via Uber or Lyft using promo codes provided on Sober Ride’s website which offer $20 off each ride up-to four times per user account; however, users must enter one code for each trip they take within downtown Indy.

The initiative comes after data showed drunk-driving related accidents increased by nearly five percent around major sporting events compared with other weekends throughout the year according to a study conducted by Esurance Insurance Services Inc., an online insurance company based out of San Francisco that studied accident rates surrounding NFL playoff games between January and February earlier this year.

In addition, AAA is also urging drivers not only during these upcoming weeks but all-year-round about safe habits when getting behind-the-wheel including: always wearing seat belts; obeying traffic laws like stopping at red lights/stop signs etc.; eliminating distractions while driving (i.e smartphones); avoiding aggressive behavior like tailgating/speeding excessively etc.; maintaining vehicles regularly so they run smoothly without mechanical issues arising unexpectedly on roads/highways where there may be no shoulder space available if something goes wrong mechanically speaking

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