Incidents at Diego Maradona’s wake: the moment in which Alberto Fernández calls for calm from a balcony of Casa Rosada

The president tried to stop the incidents between the Police and those who were waiting to enter to fire the great idol.

In the midst of the incidents among the thousands of people who anxiously awaited their turn to enter to fire Diego Maradona and the violent actions of the police guarding the place, President Alberto Fernández looked out on one of the balconies of the Casa Rosada to ask for calm and try to reorganize the funeral ceremony.

Accompanied by the current Chief of Cabinet Santiago Cafiero, Alberto Fernández decided to intercede upon learning of the chaos that was being experienced both outside and inside the building, where there were running, pushing and tear gas.

Calling for calm with his arms, the president addressed all those who, anguished, saw how the agents blocked their way and prevented them from entering to say goodbye to their great idol.

Hours later, the president spoke on Continental radio and referred to the reasons why the ceremony had to be abruptly suspended, although from Maradona’s surroundings they always stood firm that the wake not extend beyond 16 hours.

“Everything worked very well until some, seeing that the schedule was going to leave them out, rushed in, broke the front door and everything got complicated,” said Fernández, who in turn assured that without the government organization “everything would have been worse”.

According to some of those present in the place, the president also tried, without success, to ask for tranquility with a megaphone when dozens of people bypassed the entry controls and filled the Patio de las Palmeras.

In the midst of the incidents, Maradona’s coffin was removed from the central hall of the Casa Rosada and his remains were transferred to the Bella Vista cemetery ahead of schedule.

In reference to some unusual questions from the opposition about the intervention of the Executive Power in the organization of the ceremony, Fernández reflected: “If we had not organized this, everything would have been worse, because it was unstoppable“.

“Who thinks that behind all this there is a political act he has no idea what Maradona is in Argentine sentiment“, stressed the president.

Meanwhile, the national government announced that the wake was terminated at 4:00 p.m. by “desire and will” of the family, after several people entered the Casa Rosada without complying with the instructions of the personnel in charge.

He recalled that “the family had chosen to hold the wake at the Casa Rosada, a decision that the Government accompanied,” and that, “later” those same relatives decided to “end” the ceremony at 4:00 p.m., despite the fact that minutes before it had been reported that It would be extended until 7pm to allow all the attendees to enter.



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