Information about Donald Trump’s state of health has been dropped into the public eye, and they have painted a contradictory picture of his true well-being. Trump’s team has reassured him that he is doing well and said he might get out of the hospital as early as Monday.

However, the medication given to Trump suggests that he would suffer from a much more serious version of the corona than has been publicly implied.

Trump’s medical team said Saturday that he has been given the steroid dexamentazone. Studies show that the drug helps in the severe stage of the disease because it helps the body fight a dangerous overreaction of the immune system. The drug has not been shown to be beneficial in coronary patients with mild symptoms.

Conversely, dexamethasone may even be a disadvantage. He tells about it New York Times.

In practice, the drug weakens the immune system. This is explained by Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine at Oxford University J Landray:

– In the early stages of the disease, the immune system is your friend. It fights the virus, and weakening it is not a good idea. At a later stage, the immune system is no longer your friend – it causes lung failure, so weakening it with steroids improves your chances of survival.

So why has Trump been given dexamentazone? There are at least two possible explanations for this.

1. Trump suffers from a much more serious corona than is implied

One possibility is that Trump is much sicker than what the public has been given to understand. The doctors treating him have tried to give the impression that everything is fine.

– She’s fine, she’s been up and done things, our goal today is to get her to eat and drink and to be out of bed as much as possible, and on the move, a doctor on Trump’s team Brian Garibaldi said over the weekend BBC:n by.

It wasn’t until Friday, however, that Trump was given extra oxygen at the White House. On Friday, he also had a “high fever”. Doctors have admitted that Trump’s oxygen levels have dropped twice. This, too, is typical of the severe stage of COVID-19 disease.

According to the doctors, Trump’s blood oxygen level was 93 percent at one point, compared to the usual level of 95 percent.

New York Times according to many doctors interpret that a patient suffers from a severe version of the corona if the oxygen level is below 94.

Falling oxygen levels can damage the lungs. Trump’s doctor Sean Conley refused to answer at the press conference the question of whether Trump’s lung image shows corona damage.

In the photos and videos the Trump team made public, Trump doesn’t seem particularly sick.

A perky performance does not necessarily prove that Trump would suffer from only mild symptoms. The reason may also be in the steroids received by Trump: they can affect the patient’s mind and cause hilarity and general good humor.

2. Trump suffers from VIP syndrome

According to some experts, there may be another explanation for the administration of special medications: the treatment of the president is decided by the president, not the doctors treating him.

This is known as the so-called VIP syndrome, in which well-known individuals receive poor medical treatment because the doctors treating him are too charming and accept the patient’s demands.

Trump may require intensive care even though he does not understand the risks involved.

In addition to dexamenton, Trump has been given several other drugs, including an experimental antibody cocktail on Friday. It is being tested in patients by the pharmaceutical company Regeneron and is intended for use in the early stages of the disease.

Trump has also been prescribed another experimental drug, remdesivir, for five days. In the United States, the drug is allowed to be given to patients in emergencies. This drug is currently routinely used in combination with dexamentazone at a later stage of the disease.

Co-administration of drugs may pose risks as there is no information on their interaction.

– He is given remdesivir, dexamentazone and [Regeneronin lääkettä]. No one has ever done that, a leading physician at Northwell Health, New York’s largest medical services provider Thomas McGinn.

According to him, Trump is also given several other substances, such as zinc.

Trump’s doctors are optimistic anyway.

– If he looks and is as well as he is now, we hope we can move him to the White House maybe tomorrow, where his treatment can continue, one of the doctors treating Trump Brian Garibaldi said at a news conference on Sunday.