In the United States, Democrats Kamala Harris and Republicans Mike Pence will face each other in a debate on Wednesday, but the duo will be separated by a plexiglass placed between them.

The committee responsible for the debates of both presidential and vice-presidential candidates has decided on the matter in response to Donald Trump’s coronavirus infection. The matter also received support from health authorities.

According to AFP news agency, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s pair of sticks, California Senator Kamala Harris, also supported the proposal.

Instead, Trump’s vice president, Pence, opposed the idea.

Plexiglas is not the only precaution. In addition, Harris and Pence will be placed farther apart than planned, i.e. about four feet apart.

After Trump’s coronary infection, both Pence and Harris have received a negative corona test result.

Biden has also been tested twice since Trump’s diagnosis and on both occasions the result has been negative.

The White House has not yet announced whether Trump, who has been discharged from Walter Reed Military Hospital on Monday night, will be able to take part in a planned debate with Biden on 15 October.

Biden has indicated that he will be ready if the health authorities accept the debate.

– I do whatever health experts say is appropriate, Biden says.

– If they say it’s safe, then I think it’s appropriate.