Former F1 driver Alex Zanardin, 53, there has been a turn for the better in health. According to the attending physicians, Zanardi “shows signs of interaction”.

The San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, which treats Zanard, issued a press release on Friday. According to the hospital, the former F1 driver will be treated at a “calculated level of intensive care”. He reacts to his environment with short and small gestures.

Communication is a major step forward. In July, the boy Niccolo Zanardi said his father was not yet conscious and may lose his sight.

– What it means is that he would still be able to communicate with us. There is still a long way to go, he said at the time.

According to the hospital, Zanard has recently undergone surgery to correct the area of ​​his face. The next surgery is coming in the coming weeks.

The former F1 driver is currently undergoing rehabilitation aimed at rehabilitating motor skills and cognitive abilities.

The hospital described Zanard as having taken “significant development steps”. However, doctors are unable to give a long-term assessment of his recovery, as the clinical condition of the ex-driver is described as complex.

At least four operations

Zanardi was seriously injured in June while performing his own share of the La Grande Staffetta parachuting message.

Zanardi lost control of his handwheel and collided with a truck trailer. After the accident, he was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition by helicopter.

The status of the former F1 driver has varied significantly. At the end of July, he was transferred from the hospital to a rehabilitation center, where he was resuscitated from a medical coma.

However, Zanard’s condition became unstable, so he was transferred back to the intensive care unit of San Raffaelle Hospital the same week. Zanardi has already been cut at least four times.

Zanardi drove in the F1 series from 1991 to 1994 and in 1999. In 1997 and 1998, he won the CART championship.

Both legs of an Italian were amputated in 2001 after a serious accident at the Lausitzring track in the Cart series.

In paragliding, Zanardi has won a total of four Olympic golds in the 2012 and 2016 Games. He is also a ten-time world champion in the sport.