In the month of his 60th birthday, Diego Maradona started the solidarity project “Las ten del 10”

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On October 30, three trucks of the Argentine Red Cross filled with sanitary kits will be delivered and they will carry out works in the pasture that bears the name of the priest from the village Father Bachi, recently deceased by Covid-19

Beyond his undeniable soccer talent, one of the things that recurrently characterize the Ten, Diego Maradona, is his participation in solidarity campaigns. This time in the month of his 60th birthday, he will start the project “La ten del 10”.

Together with the Argentine Red Cross and the national deputy Nicolas Rodriguez Saá, they will bring health aid to several cities in our country. This first action will take place on October 30 -the day of Diego’s birthday- in Villa Palito, in the Matanza Party. This is one of the many popular neighborhoods with the most needs in Argentina. In that first approach, three trucks full of sanitary kits will be delivered in the framework of this Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, works will be done in the pasture that bears the name of the father Bachi, who was one of the villeros priests who did so much to improve that sector of society, and was one of the leaders in helping Villa Palito. Unfortunately, being a risk factor and being constantly exposed, he ended up dying of coronavirus.

The priest Basilio “Bachi” Britez He was the parish priest of the San Roque González church, in the Almafuerte neighborhood, in San Justo, and died after being hospitalized for three months at the San Camilo Clinic due to the Covid-19 infection. Even Pope Francis learned about his state of health, and called him on more than one occasion. Previously, Francisco had sent a message of support for the “villeros priests” who contracted coronavirus, and he referred especially to the father “Bachi”, whom he defined as “the pioneer of Villa Palito”.

As if that were not enough, thanks to the help of the nation’s Sports Secretariat, Inés Arrondo, Sports Schools will be opened that will serve the boys to function in a learning environment and that will also give jobs to the profes of the cities that will be in charge of the activities.

On his instagram, Diego announced the beginning of this project. “In the month of my birthday, I have the honor to announce that we already have the date to begin with the solidarity campaign” Las Diez del 10 “. On October 30, as a celebration of my 60th birthday, we will be in Villa Palito launching a campaign that will take us to ten cities throughout our Argentina “Maradona reported.

In addition, he clarified that due to the current health situation that shakes everyone, he will not be able to be present, but his lawyer, Matias Morla, will be his faithful representative in this action. “Unfortunately, because of this cursed virus, I will not be able to be there. But in my place will be my ambassador and friend, Matías Morla, who will represent me like nobody else, because he was from the beginning in this campaign.” I told Matías to take to each place what the boys need and if there are other emergencies in which we can give a hand, we will be there. I am Argentine to the bone and for my country I will give my life “, I explain The ten a Clarion.

To collaborate in this project, you can donate money on the Red Cross page that will be used to build works in these places. In exchange, those who can donate will participate in a raffle for a shirt of the Argentine National Team, signed by Maradona, registering at the link:

A Villa Palito will carry three Red Cross trucks with basic sanitary elements: bleach, rubbing alcohol, alcohol gel, and other personal cleaning supplies. Furthermore, Diego confirmed that they are going to wire and close the emblematic pasture of the neighborhood that bears the name of Father Bachi. This will be the first action of a campaign that will go through ten cities. The others will be: Rosario del Tala (Entre Ríos), San Juan, Esquina (Corrientes), Garupá (Misiones), Merlo (San Luis), Rosario (Santa Fe), La Plata (Buenos Aires), Santa Victoria (Salta) and Tigre (Buenos Aires).

“It is a great national solidarity movement to be in the home of all Argentines who need it and that we can carry forward thanks to the support of the Red Cross and the National Government, which made its entire structure available to us through the secretary of Sports, which guaranteed us that schools will be opened in each place so that children can learn and practice any type of sport “, said Matias Morla, who will be Diego’s representative in Villa Palito, in addition to “recognizing the work of all health workers” in the fight to get out of this pandemic.

It is a great measure of social help in which 10 is involved together with other collaborators and participants in this great project. As a presentation, a video was made in which they participated: Diego Tipping (president of the Argentine Red Cross), Matías Morla (lawyer, friend and “ambassador” of Maradona). Inés Arrondo (Secretary of Sports of the Nation), journalists Daniela Ballester and Angela Lerena and the national deputy, Nicolas Rodrìguez Saá.



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