In the midst of the covid-19 crisis, Bolsonaro reaches his greatest popular

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Brazil touches the 140,000 deaths from covid-19. Its GDP will fall 5% this year, marked again by an ecological disaster, this time in the Pantanal, one of the most important biomes in that country, turned into a “branch of hell“, according to Istoé magazine, after the fires devoured more than 22% of those humid regions. But the figure of the president Jair Bolsonaro it seems armored against adversity and its controversial interventions. A 40% of Brazilians approve of his management at the head of the ultra-right government. Last December, the popularity was 29% and three months ago, the horizon of the impeachment it was considered inexorable. 51% of respondents by Ibope at the request of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) says in turn “trust” in the retired captain. According to the consultant, only 29% qualify as “very bad“the role it plays and another 29% value it as regular.

An August poll, conducted by Datafolha, had also verified a growth in the president’s popularity. Political analysts then attributed this change in the perception of his mandate to the economic aid of $ 120 per month that the Government decided to deliver for almost half a year to 65 million people in the midst of the collapse of the economy. From this social investment, which ends in December, the head of state has begun to gain accessions in the northeast, a historical bastion of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.


“Bolsonaro has received a gift from the CNI“said the Rio de Janeiro daily O Globo when the survey was known. At this point, support for the most disadvantaged sectors does not quite explain what is happening with the presidential figure. corruption scandals involving their sons, Flavio, Eduardo and Carlos, have no impact on approval ratings. Bolsonaro has underestimated the pandemic, to the point of calling it “little flu“But he does not pay high costs for his decisions in health matters either. In fact, the mayor of São Paulo, Bruno Covas, sees his re-election in danger in the municipal elections in mid-November because only 37% of the inhabitants of the main Brazilian city approve his performance in the fight against covid-19.

Just over a month ago, part of society was shaken by the cases of rape of minors and the government’s closed refusal to facilitate the interruption of pregnancies, in compliance with what the law dictates. Last Wednesday, the Minister of Education, Evangelical Pastor Milton Ribeiro, said that homosexuality is a consequence of “misfit families”. The ministerial speeches against abortion or declared homophobic that Bolsonaro shares with the letter are only openly rejected by a third of Brazilians.

Fictitious Ministry of Truth

Bolsonaro’s recent speech before the United Nations General Assembly, in which he blamed the original towns of the fires in the Amazon and the Pantanal and, in addition, defended its environmental policy, has caused strong adverse reactions outside Brazil. “We are brutal victims of disinformation campaigns,” complained the president. The negative effects of his words are minor on the home front.

Bolsonaro on Thursday insisted on linking the accidents with the way of life of the country’s indigenous population. “There is a regional culture. It is the Indian who sets fire “he said through his social networks. The Articulation of the indigenous peoples of Brazil (Apib) assured that the president has consolidated “the lie as government policy“. Marcio Astrini, executive secretary of the Climate Observatory, said that” by destroying the international image of Brazil as it destroys our biomes, Bolsonaro shows that his patriotism has always been a facade“. Gabriela Yamaguchi, director in Brazil of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the president’s pronouncement was plagued by”unfounded accusations and unscientific lessonsGreenpeace recalled in this regard that “the fires in the Amazon rainforest are not the result of a natural phenomenon, but rather the result of human action, being one of the main tools used for deforestation, especially by the land grabbers and farmers“The truth does not matter, suggests the magazine Piauí. For the publication, the retired captain works as in 1984, the classic novel of the English George Orwell which describes a totalitarian world with a Fictional Ministry of Truth. “That strategy has limitations that fiction does not pose, and the facts are much more difficult to handle in real life.”



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