The ill member has been on the sidelines of the team on 14.10. due to flu symptoms. The result of the coronavirus test was completed on Friday night. The affected person is mildly symptomatic and in home care.

The Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District (PPSHP) has determined that the team has been exposed to the coronavirus and quarantined the team on 24.10. until. The team will be suspended during quarantine.

Saturday 17.10. Kärpät – TPS, which has been marked for play, will be postponed, as will Kärppi’s next home match (20.10.) against HPK. Also for Friday 23.10. JYP – Flies marked for play moves.

The flies played against KalPa in Kuopio on Friday 16.10. An infected team member was not with the team in Kuopio.

The league consults the Pohjois-Savo Hospital District (KYS) regarding the possible exposure of the KalPa team. According to experts, no exposure has occurred and the team can continue to operate normally.

The league and teams will announce new Match Days for postponed matches later.

Source: League website