Nick kyrgios has found in Pablo Carreño to the ideal victim of their teasing. Although the Asturian had not had much relationship with the Australian, he has started to attack him now that he is in a sweet moment at the US Open.

After minimizing its qualities (“I wouldn’t even be in the top-50 if the dirt season didn’t exist”), and Carreño’s answer (“You must be very bored at home”), has now replied with the ‘face to face’ that both carry in their confrontations with each other.

“Obviously I would prefer to be playing the US Open but given the conditions I do not feel comfortable. Yes, Carreño Busta, I am a bit bored and I would rather be there to chop you up again. 2-0. Ssshhh,” she wrote in a storie on Instagram with the only two times they have met.

Storie on instagram from Nick Kyrgios towards Pablo Carreño
IG @ k1ngkyrg1os

Kyrgios and Carreño played a semifinal match in the Estoril Open of 2015 and a first round of the Australian Open of 2016, in both cases with victory for the Canberra.

That Carreño has little to do with him, much more mature and with a much more refined tennis. Proof of this is having reached the semifinals of the US Open, its ceiling for now. In a tournament without Djokovic, Federer ni Nadal Ahead, the young Carreño has a golden opportunity to lift his first Grand Slam.