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The celebrations for the centenary of Federico Fellini’s birth do not end, with many initiatives in his hometown, Rimini, and a short film by his niece presented at the Rome Film Festival.

We talked a lot about the centenary of the birth of an actor he loved very much like Alberto Sordi, with which Federico Fellini shared the year of his birth, 1920. Now let’s talk about the Rimini master who his hometown celebrates with a series of events, entitled Fellini 10 A year long birthday. These the news about the celebrations:

Step by step we are approaching the most important event that will close Fellini’s birthday and will culminate, at the beginning of 2021, with the inauguration of the Federico Fellini International Museum.A program that, in just 2 months, will host over 25 appointments and which will , on the start-up weekend, from Friday 9 to Sunday 11 October, on a recurring and powerful aspect, but not yet fully investigated, of Fellini’s cinema: the fascination for mystery, the questioning of transcendence, the attraction for elsewhere. It starts, Friday 9 at 21, at Glow cinema with Fellini of the spirits of Anselma dell’Olio who, among film clips, archive material and stories of friends, collaborators and witnesses, constructs an intimate and unpublished portrait of the director, focusing on two meetings, a project and a decisive text in the biographical and artistic story of the Rimini the psychoanalyst Ernst Bernhard and the psychic Gustavo Rol, the “Mastorna” project and the mythical “Book of dreams”. To this interest in the fantastic, the supernatural and the esoteric, which for Fellini are ways, parallel to that provided by psychoanalysis or religion, to access and explore the unfathomable mystery of existence, the Fellini Museum will reserve, in addition to a room dedicated to “Book of dreams”, also a permanent installation called the “Magician’s Room”, a sort of Wunderkammer, a room of wonders and surprises.

The many and continuous references and quotations of a religious nature that pervade Fellini’s cinema will instead be illuminated, Saturday 10 at 16 at the Museum of the city of Rimini, give one conference entitled “Fellini and the Sacred”, organized by the Salesian Pontifical University of Rome, by the “A. Marvelli ”in Rimini and the“ Paolo VI ”Cultural Center in Rimini. To follow, at 21 at Galli Theater, Pupi Avati, the theologian Marco Tibaldi and the director Mauro Camattari they will converse and question themselves about this feeling of empathy and affection towards the most fragile and unguarded humanity that sustains many characters in Fellini’s cinema and his own gaze. A conversation entitled “Fellini and the sacred: dialogues, testimonies and music” interspersed with and accompanied by music inspired by Nino Rota performed by the young and talented violinist, a pupil of Ludovico Einaudi, Federico Mecozzi. During the evening, the preview of the docufilm will be screened I need to believe (directed by Camattari himself lasting 12 minutes), with the latest interviews released by Sergio Zavoli on the figure and work of his friend Federicor. Also on Saturday 10 October, at 5 pm, at Glow cinema, Igort, one of the most popular Italian cartoonists, director of “Linus”, he will tell “his” Fellini, a constant inspiring presence, a kind of mysterious imaginary friend, a small and familiar divinity. A “devotion” that led him to reinvent, together with four other talented designers (Giorgio Carpinteri, Grazia La Padula, Leila Marzocchi e Andrea Serio), some famous Fellini’s posters: 5 original plates created for the Fellini Museum, in the year of the Centenary and previewed in Rimini.

Finally, an Oscar-winning finale Sunday 11 at 5 pm, with the three-time winner Dante Ferretti. In his Fulgor, perhaps the most famous cinema in the world, in the room that he himself helped bring back to life in 2018 with his Romagna-Hollywood staging, the set designer now of Tim Burton and Martin Scorsese, will talk about the long and lucky partnership with Federico Fellini, with whom he collaborated in five films, from Orchestra Rehearsal (1979) to the last, La voce della luna (1990).

Ma the Rome Film Festival also pays homage to Fellini, presenting the short film La Fellinette, written and directed by Francesca Fabbri Fellini, grandson of the director, with Milena Vukotic, Ivano Marescotti, Sergio Bustric, Carlo Truzzi, Federico Bassi, Gabriele Pagliarani and with the animation of Hybrid Studio. Fellinette, one little girl drawn on the sheet of a notebook in 1971 by Maestro Federico Fellini, is the protagonist of this fairy tale set on the beach of Rimini on January 20, 2020, the day of the centanary of the birth of the great Master. Through her fervent imagination as a child we will live an adventure both melancholy and wonderful, where the live action shots and the animated parts will celebrate the greatest of directors with dreamlike atmospheres full of poetry.



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