In Naples, hundreds of people clashed violently with police on the night between Friday and Saturday. The rebels were mostly young.

Protesters opposed tightened corona restrictions. One sign read: bartenders are not criminals.

The first wave hit Italy hard

Italy was the first European country to be hit hard by Korona. To date, nearly half a million coronary infections have been diagnosed in the country and more than 37,000 people have died.

The situation was already brought under control when the whole country was more or less “locked in” for two months and people were told to stay at home. This resulted in the country’s worst economic recession since World War II.

Campania at the forefront of infections

Corona infections have once again started to rise sharply in Italy, as in most other European countries.

The region of Campania, whose capital is Naples, declared a regional curfew. It came into force on Friday night and it made young people already accustomed to going freer to take to the streets.

This is the first anti-coronation demonstration in Italy.