In Belarus, anti-government movements continue to be strong. On Sunday, tens of thousands of anti-government protesters took to the streets in Minsk.

Russian news agency Interfaxine and according to Reuters, eyewitnesses have reported on one hundred thousand protesters in downtown Minsk. The demonstration is not authorized by the authorities.

Police said on Sunday they arrested 250 people during the protest. Interfaxine according to the authority bulletin, the protesters would have had illegal symbols as well as posters with some “offensive” content.

Based on videos published by the Belarusian news agency, riot police pushed and beat people in detention. Disguised authorities abducted people involved in the protest from the street. At times they wore uniforms, sometimes the arrests were made by persons in civilian costumes.

An AFP correspondent said protesters headed for the president on Sunday afternoon Alexander Lukashenko residence.

A Women’s March was held in Minsk on Saturday, in which 99 people have been arrested, according to official data.

Extensive protests have continued for more than four weeks after Alexander Lukashenko, who ruled for 26 years, said he won the presidential election last month. Protesters said the election was fraudulent.

On Monday, Lukashenko will meet with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin In Russia. According to AFP, Putin may try to take advantage of Lukashenko’s vulnerable political position in the negotiations. However, questioning Belarus’s independence would likely fuel the protests further. The Belarusian opposition has accused Lukashenko of selling his country.