In Boca, Eduardo Salvio hides the drought of the 9 that generates questions

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El Toto is relentless and helps to hide the lack of goal from those above. Can polls be returned by any player with firepower?

The scoring drought of Franco Soldano (just one goal in nine games in 2020), the absence of Wanchope Ábila and doubts about Walter Bou They reopened the mystery about who should occupy the center forward position of Miguel Ángel Russo’s team, despite the triumph in Colombia.

The statistics do not support the Sunchales man, much more relevant in the Super League title for the work he did in his physical wear to cooperate with Tevez than before the network.

That’s why Salvio scores all the goals that the nine are missing on duty: he added his 10th goal in eleven games in 2020 (13 in 27 total at the club). Lethal. A record to be recalled to the National Team and a certainty: it is the highest-ranking footballer on the squad. And more: he has 6 goals in this Copa Libertadores with the club.

“We had a good game, locked and hard. In the first half we had chances to go to rest with an advantage, but we felt tired. We had one march less than the other day, but we competed well and the victory is deserved,” he stressed Salvio after the match that he again had him as the team’s top scorer. And he added: “I highlight the sacrifice, the team’s work and in each game we are growing. We prove to be a tough team and here we are, ready for all the battles we have from now on.”

The restart of the official competition showed him again very far from the goal to Soldano. And that’s one issue. Because it is vital for any footballer who lives to convert and who even recognized that he lacks that contribution so as not to be questioned in the starting eleven.

Almost no opportunities in the double day of the Cup, Soldano in Medellín spent only 45 minutes on the field of play and was replaced by Walter Bou, who was minutes away from going on loan to another club but to whom the injury (again inopportune ) of Wanchope Ábila included it in the list for the Libertadores. To stay?

Of the nine who live in the squad, Ábila is by far the best average has: 30 goals in 71 games played. But his advantages and recurring injuries always relegated him to the bank or to alternate ownership. Again a tear left him out of the restart of the Cup and that, added to the wear it takes to sustain Carlitos in the eleven, conspires against Wanchope (he will not be available for Tuesday’s game against Libertad).

Then what?

Salvio’s scoring contribution is clear and decisive. But Boca needs another man of reference to the network. Can Mauro Zárate be? Until now he had almost no participation in the Russo cycle. That is why in a market that became extensive, the club was interested in having Silvio Romero on the squad and they even made inquiries, without specific offers, for various Argentine and foreign strikers who are in different parts of the world.

Will there still be any chance of incorporating or does the DT remain in his position of keeping what he has until the end?



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