The Renault Group in Spain looks beyond cars. It does not leave them, far from it, but in this changing world it is good to explore new horizons and diversify. In addition, it is not such an alien sector, since has its own financial institution for decades, RCI Bank and Services Spain, and precisely from her emanates Renault Bank.

It isyour new bank is focused on savings products, and goes from the creation of remunerated accounts to deposits, all in a totally digital way and without complicated bureaucratic or administrative operations.

Renault unveils the Mégane of the future … and yes, it’s electric

The first and main products are the Count on you, remunerated at 0.65% APR, without direct debits, receipts or credit cards, as well as maintenance or administration fees. Hired this, you can access the You + deposit, in this case with 1% APR, for a term of 2 years, with free deposits and without associated costs.

The guarantee of this initiative is in the company RCI Banque, which is attached to the French Deposit Guarantee and Resolution Fund, that would cover up to 100,000 euros in case of insolvency.

Con Renault Bank, Spain joins other countries such as Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Brazil and of course France, where the Group already carries out the deposit activity with excellent results.