In a speech to Americans, Joe Biden warned: ‘We are at war against a virus, not against us’

The president-elect stressed that the country faces a “dramatic upswing” in cases. And he called for extreme caution at the Thanksgiving feast.

The president-elect of the United States, Democrat Joe Biden, delivered a presidential speech on Wednesday in which he called for the unity of the country and asked his compatriots to take extreme precautions for Thanksgiving to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, before a worrying spike in daily cases.

The former vice president remarked that the pandemic exacerbated political divisions in the United States and remarked: “But we must remember that we are at war with a virus, not with each other.”

The pandemic “has divided us. It has enraged us. And it turned us against each other,” he said. “I know the country has tired of the fight,”

“I believe that in this grim divisive season, demonization is going to usher in a year of light and unity,” he said in a speech from Wilmington, Delaware, his hometown.

Biden promised that from the first day of his presidency, steps will be taken that will change “the course of the disease“He also urged Americans to follow the health guidelines.

“None of these steps that we ask of people are political statements,” he said. “Each of them is based on science. I know that we can and will defeat this virus,” he emphasized.

“The United States is not going to lose this war. They will get their lives back. Life will return to normal. That will happen. This will not last forever,” said the former vice president of Barack Obama.

“Look at our history, you can see that there have been some of the most difficult circumstances and the soul of our nation has been forged. And now we find ourselves again facing a long and harsh winter,” Biden said.

He recalled that in recent months the battle against the coronavirus has “devastated” the country: “It has brought us pain, loss and frustration. It has cost so many lives, 260,000 Americans,” he lamented.

In that sense, encouraged citizens to stay home on the occasion of Thanksgiving, the most familiar holiday of the year in the United States, which is celebrated this Thursday, and gave his own case as an example.

“We are going to have a separate Thanksgiving day. Jill (his wife) and I will be at our home in Delaware with our daughter and son-in-law. The rest of the family will do the same in small groups,” he explained.

“I know it is difficult to abandon family traditions,” he acknowledged. “Our country is in the midst of a dramatic upturn in cases, with an average now of 160,000 new cases every day, it would not be a surprise if we reached 200,000 in a single day. Many health systems are at risk of saturation. “

He also called on citizens to wear chinstraps or masks, maintain social distance and, if they meet, do so in small groups until there is a vaccine.

Despite this outlook, Biden wanted to offer an optimistic view of the future and encouraged Americans to come together to fight the pandemic, as well as other problems facing the country.

“America faces the facts. America overcomes the challenges. We have justice and equality for everyone,” listed Biden, who urged overcoming divisions.

And he expressed his opinion that “this dark season of division and demonization will give way to light and unity.”



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