In a number of regions, PPE and drugs for COVID-19 will last for 2 weeks – Golikova

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Against the background of the Deputy Prime Minister’s statements, Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that it was too early to talk about a second wave.

“The situation continues to get complicated, the average daily rate of increase in the incidence rate in our country is 1%, but with the figures that we have, this is enough”, – quotes TASS Deputy Prime Minister.

The greatest concern is the provision of hospitals with personal protective equipment and medicines – according to Golikova, in some regions, their supply will last for two weeks or even less. The official called on the governments of the subjects of the federation to pay “the most serious attention to this problem.”

Golikova added that the situation with COVID-19 in Russia is very uneven: for example, in 38 regions there is a steady upward trend in morbidity, while in 29 regions the situation is relatively stable. Moreover, in 19 of them this stability is very conditional: the increase in new cases stopped after a number of daily anti-records.

The Prime Minister also reported on the capacity of the bed fund – according to her, today more than 19% of beds in Russian hospitals are free.

“To date, there are 223.1 thousand covid beds deployed in the country, of which 123 thousand beds are equipped with oxygen supply and 28.4 thousand beds are equipped with artificial lung ventilation devices. On the morning of yesterday, 19.1% of the bed fund remained free. At the same time, the share of free beds below the national average is noted in 46 regions, the most critical situation is observed in 16 regions, where the employment of some is more than 90%. At five [регионах] over 95% of the bed capacity is occupied, ”the official said.

Golikova did not mention the problem of the shortage of medical personnel, having announced only the number of medical personnel and students of medical universities who were mobilized to work in covid hospitals.

“Today, almost 82 thousand doctors, 128 thousand medical workers and 58 thousand junior medical personnel provide assistance to covid patients. This is not all: more than 24 thousand students of universities and colleges, more than 11 thousand residents and 500 teachers were involved, ”Golikova said.

According to President Vladimir Putin, all that is happening does not indicate that Russia is facing a second wave of coronavirus, which epidemiologists from around the world predicted.

“We are not talking about a second wave there, but as we just recently, in the morning discussed, the first wave is only coming to some regions, according to experts. We must keep our finger on the pulse and react effectively, react in a timely manner to the events taking place “, – stressed head of state.



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