In a bikini, Deborah Secco gets her daughter’s kiss and her body impresses: ‘Sculptural’

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Deborah Secco enjoyed days of family rest in a hotel in Salvador, Bahia. And this Sunday, before saying goodbye to her mini vacation, as she called the period, the artist reinforced her tan in a red bikini, the same one already shown on her social networks, and showed a click next to her daughter, Maria Flor, of whom won a loving kiss. “If my life were a film, I would press pause in many scenes”, captioned the actress, rewriting an excerpt of Giulia Be’s music. Despite the scene full of tenderness, the shape of the artist ended up drawing praise from the followers. “What a sculptural body,” said one. “This woman is very perfect,” said another fan. “What butt is that? Benza Deus”, praised yet another.

Deborah Secco detailed routine with husband in quarantine

Accustomed to spending most of the day away from home, working, during the quarantine Deborah Secco spent all her time with her daughter and husband, Hugo Moura. And he guaranteed that the experience was positive for the couple. “Hugo and I do not fret, thank God. I am going to come out of the most passionate quarantine. I am absolutely sure that he is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with,” he said. And he added: “We help each other a lot. We both understand that if something takes us seriously, it says more about us than about others. We try to solve it and we don’t blame the other.”

Deborah Secco changes food to set an example

Deborah Secco was another famous person to resort to Mayra Cardi’s weight loss program. And he changed his body measurements. “Deborah is on ‘Seca você personalité’, which is one of my weight loss programs. Now, she has a culinary chef living at her house. In addition, she has weekly coaching sessions with me and follow-up with nutritionists,” said coach. Mayra said that despite not needing to lose a lot of weight, Deborah did not eat the right foods. “She came up with a proposal to eat well. Because she is already a thin person, but she eats poorly. The idea is to set a good example for her daughter and have a healthier life,” he explained. And he detailed the aesthetic objective of the process: “She wants to keep her waist tighter”.

Deborah Secco changed mannequin in diet

And it didn’t take Deborah Secco much time to see the results of Mayra Cardi’s diet on her body. “I was wearing 38 when we started the program. I moved to 36 and we reached 34. And 34 is now wide, Mayra! I wanted to know what the number is below 34 …”, he joked.

(By Carmen Moreira)


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