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Immunologists warn that the pandemic may return to March


The president of the Spanish Society of Immunology (SEI), Marcos López Hoyos, has warned that Spain could return to a very serious covid-19 situation “at any time”. “Although we cannot say that there is a second wave, everything indicates that at any moment the situation could return to the scenario of March and April, “he warned.

Therefore, the speakers in the course ‘Immunology in the COVID-19 pandemic’, which is part of the Summer Courses of the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP) They have analyzed the health management measures that are being implemented and which ones need to be strengthened. “The mobility restrictions have not yet proven effective. What it has shown is the home containment“, said the secretary of the SEI, Carmen Cámara Hijón.

Therefore, he pointed out that “the most effective measure would be 14 day quarantine of all the contacts of a positive case. “” It is something that we have relaxed in the new normal and should be achieved, “he urged.

Both doctors have emphasized the importance of coordination between the autonomous communities for the real effectiveness of these decisions. “I would like us to return to the state of alarm and not act with independent responses, but it is a political issue. Fortunately, the autonomous communities communicate, but there are always disagreements,” said López Hoyos.

Against masks

The experts have described the concentrations of last Sunday against the masks like “regrettable” and they advocate for make the population aware of distancing measures. “If we had favored herd immunity by removing the masks, now we would have herd immunity, but they would have almost died three million Spaniards“, said the president of SEI.

Another measure that is being considered is to create small bubbles. “We can have a social life, but we have to control it to a bubble as closed as possible. In this way, if there is a positive case, it can be tracked better,” said López Hoyos.

It is precisely this measure that is being considered to be implemented when the schools open in September. “We have to get that a teacher and his classroom have little contact with the rest so that, if there is a positive, we don’t have to send a whole school home “, added Cámara.

Hope in the vaccine

Hope continues to be in a vaccine, on which the Chamber has indicated next winter as a possible date, “being realistic and a bit optimistic.” “The problem is that not only does the vaccine have to exist, but we also have enough units. And optimization measures will have to be taken, such as deciding who is vaccinated first,” he added.

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On the vaccine that the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, announced last week against COVID-19, the president of the SEI has insisted that “he has no scientific evidence.” “It is an authentic recklessness not to go through the four phases of a clinical trial before using a vaccine. And what we know in science is that when things are not published, they are not being done,” added the secretary.



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