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All 259 rescued immigrants at Mediterranean Sea by the NGO ship Open Arms have been transferred this Saturday to a ship off the coast of Sicily to serve a quarantine for the coronavirus before disembarking. “At last his odyssey at sea ends and he is left behind Libya. Hopefully the European Union treat them better, “said the humanitarian organization on its social networks.

The 259 immigrants – 12 women, 247 men, including 80 minors, 76 unaccompanied – will serve quarantine on board a ship off the coast of the Sicilian city of Trapani. The Open Arms saved these people in several salvage operations this week in central Mediterranean waters and in one of the wrecks, five deaths (3 men and 2 women) were confirmed.

The immigrants on board the Open Arms, the only humanitarian ship in the area at the moment, come mainly from Eritrea, Togo, Sudan, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Somalia, Burundi, Ghana, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast.

Thus concludes one of the tougher missions of the oenegé having had to rescue a hundred people from the water, because during the rescue, the floor of the inflatable boat gave way and they fell into the water. They recovered five bodies and despite the fact that at first they managed to get a six-month-old baby out of the sea and revive a six-month-old baby, shortly afterwards he died of cardiac arrest while they awaited evacuation.

Open Arms released the heartbreaking video of the mother, from Guinea Conakry, screaming in despair after losing her son at sea. The body of the boy, and his mother, were together with five other people evacuated urgently to the Italian island of Lampedusa, where the baby will be buried.

The first rescues they took place between November 10 and 11, with three rescue operations. In the first, north of the Libyan coastal city Zuwara, the ship was in a very bad condition and water was entering and 88 people were rescued.

The second went north of Sabratha and recovered 113 castaways, including 7 women and 4 children, and five dead bodies. The third operation was carried out on the afternoon of November 11 and 64 people were recovered. During the night of November 11, the medical evacuation of 5 people in serious health condition and the lifeless body of the child was requested and took place.



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