immigrant, Muslim and hero of the Vienna attack

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“I am Muslim,” he yelled at her. Osama Abu El Hosna the Vienna terrorist while taking refuge from his shots, while I was trying to help an injured policeman. But the jihadist kept shooting. “He wanted to kill me,” says the young man, who states that “terrorists have no religion.”

Osama, a 23-year-old Palestinian immigrant, has become famous in Austria, along with two men of Turkish origin, for helping a policeman wounded during the attack that left five dead, including the terrorist, last Monday in Vienna.

His story has been picked up by numerous local and international media, and the Austrian Government has highlighted that it was Muslims and of foreign origin who acted as heroes that night. Osama has even received a call of thanks from the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas.

A hero

Osama Hosna is a hero who during the night of the attack faced bullets to save the life of an injured policeman. “I didn’t have time to think,” Osama assures Efe right in the place where everything happened a week ago.

The young man explains that I was on my way to work next to a partner when they saw the attacker advance towards them, firing. They hid, and soon two policemen appeared. The terrorist managed to catch up with one of the agents, and Osama ran to help him.

“I told the other policeman to cover for me, and that I was going to help the other one. I dragged the injured policeman away and gave him first aid, and I waited until the ambulance arrived and I explained to them where he was wounded, “he says. Later, as a sign of gratitude, the agents gave them a police badge.

His feat has earned him the recognition of the Police, the media and many Austrians who write to him on the phone or through social networks to thank him and tell him that he is a hero. “I’m no hero. Just I fulfilled my obligation to my people. I did it from person to person. It’s not about religion, not about skin color. This is about people, “he defends.

An inmigrant

Osama Hosna is a Palestinian immigrant who has had to suffer discrimination and xenophobia in his host country. He came from Gaza with his family in early 2013, after surviving the war there and losing several family members. He says his experience in the conflict helped him “be strong” during the attack and “hold on”.

Last year the Hosna family made headlines because the conservative mayor of Weikendorf he tried to stop them from buying a house because, he claimed, Muslims have “values, customs and traditions” different from those of the West. “The mayor rejected three times that we buy a house because we are a Muslim family, and they did not want Muslims to move there,” recalls Osama.

Finally, after a court ruling, the family received permission and they have had the house for eight months, although they have not yet moved, because the mother “is afraid that there will be conflicts from the neighbors,” according to the boy.

The attacks have no religion

Osama Hosna is a Muslim who wants people to understand that terrorism is not born from religion, but from political and economic conflicts. “Some fight in the name of Islam, others of Judaism, others of Christianity. But it has nothing to do with religion. It’s all politics and money “, says the young man.

The recent jihadist attacks in France, and now Austria, have reignited the debate on the link between Islam and terrorism, and many fear that they encourage feelings of Islamophobia among Europeans.

Osama himself has had to face the terrible legacy of his name, which in the memory of many will always be linked to the jihadist Osama Bin Laden.

“In my first job, from electrical technicianThey treated me badly because of my name. But I try to see it from the other side. I also understand them. I am grateful that they have allowed me to live in this country, “he says.

Osama hopes that in France they understand that the Muslims who live there feel the same way he does about their host country, where the boy plans his future. “Austria, for me, is my second country. Because I live here, I plan my future here,” explains the young man. “Here is my family,” he says, “these are my people.”



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