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He Athens Court of Appeal has decreed immediate prison for the Dome of the ultra greek party Golden Dawn, two weeks after the historic sentence that qualified the formation as a “criminal organization”.

Shortly after the decision was known, the arrests, some of them in the same room heavily guarded by the police throughout the morning and where cheers were heard –Let the fascist pigs rot The Pavlos vive, in reference to the antifascist rapper assassinated in 2013 Pavlos Fyssas-.

According to local media, some of those convicted, including some members of the Golden Dawn dome such as the exdiputado Ilias Kasidiaris, surrendered to the police after hearing the opinion.

He court rejected the prosecution’s request for Let it free to all the accused except Yorgos Rupakiás, the confessed murderer of Fyssas, sentenced to life imprisonment plus ten years.

Petition for release denied

The prosecutor’s office requested that the leaders and followers of the party be released until the appeal presented by the lawyers has been resolved and there is a final judgment, arguing that there was no risk of flight and that they had no criminal record, despite that many of them do.

The Court decided to suspend the sentence of only 12 of the 59 convicted. Of them, five are former deputies of the neo-Nazi formation, among them Eleni Zarulia, the wife of the leader of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Mijaloliakos. They will have to pay a bail of 20,000 euros to be able to remain free until the appeal is resolved.

Mijaloliakos assured that his immediate entry into prison is due to his ideas.

“History and the Hellenic people will give us reason”, said Mijaloloiakos after hearing the court’s decision and thanked “the hundreds of thousands of Greeks” for having remained by his side despite what he considers a union of media, political system and Justice against him.

The most complicated detention will be that of Yannis Lagós, since being a MEP his entry into prison is conditional on the European Parliament lifting his immunity and deciding to extradite him to Greece, since after being convicted he was able to travel to Brussels.

All but one member of the Golden Dawn leadership – whose sentence is 10 years – were sentenced to 13 years in prison for training and leading a criminal gang.

With this penalty, the judges stayed two years below the maximum penalty, coinciding in this case with the request of the prosecution.

In the case of good behavior, the actual stay in prison may be reduced to three and a half or four years, since the penal code that applies to them contemplates having served at least half of the sentence, and most of them have already been a time in preventive detention.

The unconditional entry into prison for the Golden Dawn dome is the latest milestone in a judicial process that has lasted five and a half years and has proven that crimes committed by members of the neo-Nazi party, including murder, attempted murder, assault and possession of Weapons were not actions of individuals acting on their own initiative, but were directly planned and ordered by the party leadership.

Despite the fact that Golden Dawn can be called a criminal gang for two weeks, the Greek Constitution does not provide for the outlawing of any party.



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