“I’m from Messi”: the hilarious video that compares football to a love break

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Argentine comedian Jero Freixas made people laugh with an analogy between the conflicts that Leo had with Barcelona, ​​comparing it to the separation of a couple.

Argentine actor and comedian Jerónimo Freixas He returned to the world of football and in a hilarious video that he published on his social networks he compared a love break with the “break” that Lionel Messi had with Barcelona, ​​which almost led him to leave the club in the latest European pass market. At the time, Jero made a video that he titled: “I stopped believing in love for life.”

Jero Freixas usually uploads videos with a soccer theme (it went viral during the last World Cup in Russia with a video also about Leo) and, previously, he had already been touching on Messi’s conflict with the club culé, explaining that if he left Barcelona “he was going to have to become a fan of another club “ and wondering “What would I do with all the t-shirts?” that had been bought from the Catalan club.

On this occasion, the Argentine actor, youtuber and instagramer starts the video with his wife – Jose de Cabo, also an actress – who asks him and says: “Are you not going to tell me anything now that Messi is staying at Barcelona?” To which he replies: “What do you want me to say?”. And she replies: “What do I know, I was smoking you for two weeks with Leo leaving the Barca and that this was the worst break up since Brad (Pitt) and Jennifer (Aniston)”.

There are several funny passages in the video, which is titled “I’m from Messi, wherever I play”, as when Freixas highlights: “How did Messi stay at Barcelona? Because there are couples who stay for life, but they stay out, they stay for the mandate.”

And he adds, questioning his wife: “For example, your old men, who are still together, should they still be together?” The gestures of both actors are very eloquent in this passage and at one point his partner, jaded, tells him “You have me fed up, talk to your friends.”

Already reflective and doing an introspection, the comedian highlights: “The news is that Messi stays at Barcelona: I should be happy, it’s true. I cried a lot but finally I managed to understand that capable of separation was the best and I accepted it: Messi and Barcelona were separated. And that’s when I started dreaming ugly things, I had impure thoughts: I imagined Messi playing for City with Kun. Is that wrong, right? “

This video published by Freixas comes after Messi himself has filmed another for Budweiser, the new American beer brand that sponsors him. The commercial video in which Messi participates is titled “They say” and seeks to inspire fans to never give up on their quest for greatness.

“They say that he lost his love for Barcelona, ​​that his heart is elsewhere”, the spot launched as a trigger. And there Messi appears after scoring a beautiful free kick: “Greatness is worth a thousand words.”



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