Somepool Twitter has suspended numerous accounts owned by an allegedly dark-skinned American who supports the president Donald Trumpia.

“Our teams are working hard to investigate such activities and follow Twitter’s rules if tweets that violate them are found,” a company spokesman said in a statement,

Twitter did not disclose the number of accounts that were suspended, or virtually deleted, or any other details about them. Twitter’s rules prohibit “artificial reinforcement or repression of information and behavior that manipulates or interferes with the user experience”.

At least some of the accounts had been observed by a social media disinformation researcher Darren Linvill From Clemson University. According to him, the accounts used images of real people who did not match the names given in the service. Some users claimed to be military veterans or law enforcement. In addition to the dark-skinned, there were other Trump-like false profiles among them.

Now, all but one of the dozens of accounts that Linvill was responsible for have been frozen, according to the Washington Post.

Some received the attention at a shocking pace. According to Linvill, the accounts had a total of 265,000 referrals or mentions. Some had more than ten thousand followers. An example in the WP story is an account called @CopJrCliff, which existed for eight days and gained 24,000 followers during that time, and whose most popular tweet was liked 75,000 times.

– This is asymmetric warfare. Accounts don’t have to last long. They are so cheap to produce that they can get a lot of attraction with a little work, Linvill commented to the Washington Post.

For Twitter, the task is tricky. The damage has time to happen in just a few days and new ones are added when the old ones are removed.

What they had in common was that many of the accounts used the same suites word for word. Other children were also found, for example, the profile picture of one account was replaced by the text “picture of a black man”.

Trump’s campaign has not commented on the case to the media. There is no information on who is behind the fake accounts.

Trump has worked hard to prove on Twitter and in his campaign events that he is also supported by minorities. In 2018, the Pew Research Center published a study showing that only six percent of dark-skinned Americans and 28 percent of Latinos who voted in the 2016 presidential election voted for Trump.

Recent opinion polls show parallel readings, though Trump may be gaining a few percentage points more support from minorities this year.