The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has asked the Spanish act with “caution” in the face of Covid-19, since, although the epidemiological indicators are better than a few weeks ago, the situation continues to be “very worrying”: “We are improving, but we are bad”, has expressed this Friday.

During the presentation of the conclusions of the Health Sciences commission of the Barcelona Economy Circle, an entity based in Barcelona, ​​the minister asked for prudence, because, although the restrictive measures are working, “delicate dates” are approaching , since in December there is usually “a significant increase in mobility.”

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He has also warned that “the environment is very unstable”, in reference to the situation in other European countries, so Spain must remain alert. Now this has stated that “the light at the end of the tunnel” is already in sight, a “horizon” of hope that has been placed in May, when there should already be a sufficient “number of vaccinated people to allow us to move to a very different stage from the one we have at the moment.”

According to the Minister, “Spain has a good vaccination tradition”, with which the system will be able to supply the vaccines that are necessary. And, in turn, has applauded that the European Commission centralize the purchases of these, which will be distributed equitably guaranteeing their “safety and efficacy”.

On the other hand, he has defended the role played by the World Health Organization, a body that is “absolutely indispensable” to fight the virus, and has pointed out that the pandemic has forced us to act with “forced solidarity.”

Among the lessons that these months leave us, he has pointed out that without a doubt we must “strengthen the health field”, but, especially, its branch of public health; that is, you have to “prevent more.” And among the conclusions of the Health Sciences commission of the Círculo de Economía de Barcelona, ​​it is suggested that, to meet the post-covid needs in a five-year horizon, Spain should increase global health spending by 12,240 million euros, the 1% of GDP, emphasizing public-private collaboration.