I’ll tell you a classic story, a family podcast about stories by Oscar Wilde

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In Spotify, Apple and Google it is possible to find these audios created by actress Alexia Moyano.

Actress Alexia Moyano put the body of several characters. However, now she only uses her voice to introduce families into the stories written by Oscar Wilde, and bring that entire universe to life. Moyano is the creator of I tell you a classic story, a podcast that invites each of the listeners to be questioned by the author’s messages.

The project was born after the Fundación Voces Argentina summoned it to be part of an event. “It seemed to me that the most appropriate thing was to relate The happy Prince, which was really my husband’s idea, a story that I knew about Wilde and that my children liked. While a plastic artist was reading it, she was stamping motifs on canvas that made reference to the text, ”says Moyano.

From that moment on, the interpreter had a special interest in the author and began to investigate him. She used her children as “guinea pigs” and was surprised to see what these texts generated for one of them.

“He began to make certain reflections, especially around ties. He began to tell me a lot of things that happened in the garden and he realized that there are attitudes that were good and others that were not. He associated the text with life daily “.

The actress consulted with teachers and professionals from the pedagogical community, and felt the need to bring these stories to more people. On the 30th of each month a new title is uploaded to Spotify. They are also available on the Apple Podcast and Google Podcast.

In 15 days the podcast will reach Youtube, where you can see illustrations made by different artists with the aim that each story has its own imprint.

For now, two of the 5 texts to be uploaded are available. The first is The happy Prince. The protagonist is a golden statue of a monarch full of valuable ornaments, which due to its location can see the entire city. Tears fall from the statue because it is able to see various injustices and decides to help those in need.

The most recent title is The selfish giant. The story follows a creature who does not let children play in his garden and that is why winter sets in forever. One day, the love of a child touches the giant and he understands how selfishness had taken away the beauty of his life.

“There is something that I find in him (Wilde) that is great, that I think has a lot of symbolism and is really used as a family. In the different ages. Because what I take as an adult is very different from what a six-year-old takes. There is a great social criticism, a great conscience without demanding that you have a social conscience. I wanted something that is not just about children’s literature. “

The texts are accompanied by music created by Leonardo Lapouble, whom Moyano summoned as soon as he began to devise the project. Together they finish deciding the best proposal.

Although podcast production is increasing in the world, the pandemic has become an ally of this type of content. The Home Office and the online studio generated a general fatigue of the screens and many take refuge in the audio.

“If you want to relax and get into another tune, I think that the auditory gives you and not so much the audiovisual. Also, the imagination of the boys is awakened in an incredible way and they work emotionally differently,” adds Moyano.


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