linca and Andrei are discreet about their married life, but this time they agreed to tell us, for the first time, about how they see each other on this road in threes. They did not follow the classic recipe, but got to know each other, liked each other and let love decide for them, as if in spite of time and times. They have had little Zian in their lives for three years, but his birth was a test for their relationship, which they passed, however, with flying colors. And because Ilinca is the star in the house, she was more generous with words, because Andrei is the man of deeds, as you will discover in the following.

OK !: Why do you think the show you’re presenting is so watched?

It is the first and only show in Romania that combines fashion with reality show. Viewers choose a favorite in which they find themselves, this is the reason why we choose them so different in style and personality. And then you want to follow its evolution. The dose of controversy is another asset, but also the stylistic education that the jurors offer. The men who watch us think that they are attracted by the beauty of the competitors, and the youngest viewers watch us for the show itself, because we have heard that thematic parties have been organized around the schools, inspired by the show.