When the counting of votes for the presidential election tomorrow, November 3, begins, America will hold its breath as the voting results of certain states become clear.

The results of these states, called the Libyan States, are usually decisive in the elections. Name scales has its roots in the fact that the support of Republicans and Democrats in these states is very steady.

The winner of each state is decided based on how the voters vote, but the candidate who receives the most votes from the citizens automatically gets the votes of all the voters behind them. In Texas, for example, the majority has voted for Republicans for decades, so incumbent President Donald Trump is likely to win over Texas.

One of the most important Libyan states alongside Florida is Pennsylvania. Scranton, Pennsylvania, is a special place because Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was born there. The latest support polls average according to Biden is in a fairly supportive leadership in his home state.

Iltalehti visited Joe Biden’s childhood home. Paper slipped into a plastic pocket is hung in the yard gate of a spacious detached house. It is written in it that Biden lived in the house until he was ten years old.

The house is clearly still inhabited by Democrats, as two signs have been erected in the yard, one of which reads, “Scranton loves Joe!” (Scranton loves Joe!) And in another “Biden and Harris”. Harris refers to Biden’s vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

Based on the neighborhood of Biden’s childhood home, one could imagine that all Pennsylvaniaans are Democrats, as signs in favor of Biden and Harris have been erected in the courtyards of several houses. But equally, Scranton’s roads are buzzing with several cars with stickers supporting Trump or signs hanging on the roofs urging Trump to vote.

– I will vote for the Republican Trumpia and I am satisfied with the way he has handled the economy, worked as a police officer and a retired teacher’s work Tom Sheehan says Iltalehti.

“Capitalism vs. Socialism”

According to Sheehan, the election is not so much about Biden’s or Trump’s victory as about capitalism and socialism.

– Biden may not be a socialist himself, but there are socialists in his background, such as Kamala Harris. The United States is a unique country and over the years we have lost this uniqueness, Sheehan regrets.

Sheena considers European countries to be too socialist. He thinks people should be allowed to decide their own affairs without interfering with others.

– Democrats want America to be like European countries. Americans are independent and they value individualism, and conservatives want to keep this, he says.

Biden voting James Clarkin thinks Trump is dangerous.

“He doesn’t respect the law or the people,” Clark says.

Clark brings out Trump’s speeches on Defense Alliance NATO. Trump has repeatedly said he will pull the United States out of NATO because he says some member states are paying too little for defense alliance costs.

Clark is also outraged that, according to several American media outlets, Trump spent billions of dollars on money to renovate military facilities and military homes to build a wall between the United States and Mexico.

– Trump will destroy our allies. He doesn’t think about people’s best, only himself. He doesn’t respect the norms, and he doesn’t care what Congress or the Supreme Court says, he resents.

“Media Chases Trump”

Electoral debates also usually debate the gunman and whether regulations should be tightened on who can buy a gun and on what grounds.

– I want to keep my gun, working as an Uber driver Todd Reedy explains why he votes for Trump.

He doesn’t trust Biden and calls this a vicious and robber.

“The facts are readable by everyone,” he says, referring to the actions of Biden’s Hunter son.

Hunter Biden has been accused of benefiting from his father’s position while Joe Biden was vice president of Barack Obama. Hunter Biden is alleged to have made tens of thousands of dollars a month by sitting on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian company.

Reedy believes Trump is taking an unreasonable amount of time to respond to media accusations when he could use this time to run the country’s affairs.

– The media is clearly chasing Trump more than Biden, Reedy smiles.

However, he would like Trump to set a better example in treating a corona pandemic by wearing face masks at public events and thus setting an example for others.

Having lived in Scranton for five years, Biden is profitable Daisy Ruiz says Trump ‘s re – election would mean four years more uncertainty. He believes Biden could be more diplomatic than Trump in international relations.

– Trump doesn’t take pandemic treatment seriously. My father died hurricane, and I’ve noticed that Trump is able to manage disaster situations or national health crises. He is very unreliable and does not respect anyone, Ruiz says.