Here it might be, a vaccine to save the world from coronary cramps. Research Assistant Negin Nikouyan holding a small bottle with clear liquid in his hands.

We are south of Stockholm in Huddinge at the Karolinska Institutet. The research center was one of the first to start developing the vaccine in early spring. At that time, Korona had not even arrived in Europe.

Still, Huddinge is not the first to try to bring the coroner vaccine to market. Rather, the aim is to develop a vaccine that could also provide protection against coronaviruses other than the current one.

– Then we could be prepared for when the next animal virus is transmitted to humans, a professor leading the research and a biomedical analyst Matti Sällberg says Iltalehti.

The process of developing a vaccine is quite Hebrew for a layman, but Nikouyan tries to explain things as popularly as possible.

First, the gene needed for the vaccine is injected into bacteria, which then amplify it. Raw versions of the vaccine are dripping from the white bacterial mass held by Nikouyan in his hands. Bacteria fly in the trash.

Thereafter, over several steps, the vaccine is “washed” with the chemical and placed in a centrifuge. This is how pure dna is obtained.

At the end of the process, a finished vaccine is created. At least in principle.

– For example, we do not know what side effects this may have, Nikoyan says.

Rather, it is a vaccine candidate, one of whom may be the right one.

“Finland really needs a vaccine”

According to Sällberg, the vaccine can go to clinical trials, or human trials, in October if everything goes according to plan. Prior to this, the vaccine is tested on animals in ferrets.

Currently, about 40 potential coronary vaccines are undergoing clinical trials, he says BBC. The Astra Zeneca vaccine, being developed at the University of Oxford, has already come a long way in testing.

At an earlier stage of development, there are about 240 vaccines. In Finland, the vaccine is being developed at the universities of Helsinki and Tampere, he says Yle.

However, one issue is above all others.

– At the moment, the big question is whether any of the vaccines will work. We have no idea, Sällberg says.

Sweden has not seen a second wave of the corona in the same way as many other European countries. Although the exact immunity caused by the infection is not yet known, for example, Danish researchers have stated that the coronary pandemic may already be over in Sweden. It tells about this, for example Today’s News.

The reason would be herd immunity through infections in Sweden. It has traditionally been thought that herd immunity would require at least 60 to 70 percent of the population to be infected. The Swedish example seems to suggest at the moment that 20% would be enough, together with other measures.

According to Sällberg, partial herd immunity in Sweden can be strengthened with a vaccine.

In Finland, the situation is the opposite. Finland is fairly well protected against infections, which means that society has not developed resistance to the coronavirus.

If Korona were to spread properly in Finland again, the infections would start to rise very sharply at first.

– It is clear that Finland faces a long-term challenge. And you really need the vaccine, Sällberg says.

According to Sällberg, the development of a coronary vaccine is not particularly difficult. If it were, it could not be so far now.

– During the process, we have learned how fast things can move forward.

Sällberg considers the starting points of the Russian vaccine to work. The vaccine is in practice in clinical trials in Russia, although it was already registered for use in August. Since then, the research team has suspected that the data used in the vaccine studies were falsified.

Sällberg does not believe this.

– They would be incomprehensibly stupid if they falsified data when they know that the whole world is watching them. Although, of course, some say there is no limit to stupidity.

When a functional and safe vaccine is developed somewhere in the world, we will hear about it immediately. Developers are not going to keep it a secret.

Other corona measures will still be needed after that, because the world will not be vaccinated in an instant.