As we told you recently, the Chamber of Deputies approved the reform proposal of Federal Law of Rights for the economy package 2021, with which you are looking increase the fees for the rights to use the Radioelectric spectrum.

In addition, the amounts approved by the Chamber of Deputies are 186% higher to those who proposed the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT), the body responsible for carrying out the bidding processes.

This means that internet service providers who want to be part of the tenders for the era 5G, they should be adjusted to those amounts and this in turn would have a negative impact on the Mexican web landscape.

Approval was turned over to Senate of the Republic for your review and that is why the IFT threw a official statement to urge senators to reduce the amounts of fees approved by deputies.

In this communiqué, the IFT emphasizes that the telecommunications have been fundamental during the health emergency and that they are of indisputable importance for millions of people to work from home, pay for products or services, have distance education, stay informed, do banking operations and access entertainment channels without putting their health at risk.

Furthermore, it says that fifth generation facilitate access to a comprehensive digital economy, since they involve much higher speeds, latencies less than 1 millisecond and the ability to connect up to a million devices per square kilometer.

That is why he insists that raising rights fees can delay the introduction of 5G technology to the country, since participation in public spectrum bidding processes would be discouraged, which in turn would be to the detriment of the entire population and of national competitiveness in internet matters.

The Senate of the Republic will review the proposal approved by the Chamber of Deputies and will make the decision in the coming days.