If you were hoping for a cheaper iPhone, you can give up the idea: how much will the iPhone 12 cost

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As the situation shows, Apple will introduce a new iPhone only in October. It’s a different year even for the iPhone 12. And what could be disappointing, if you didn’t expect it already, is the price.

For 2020, Apple would prepare four new phones. The most expensive would keep the name Pro Max, and the cheapest would even have an AMOLED screen, unlike the iPhone Xr and 11 from previous years. This year’s series would start at $ 750.

What is different, and makes the phone more expensive, is that Apple would no longer include a plug charger in the box, but only a cable, and would not offer headphones. The gain would be a 5G chip, on all models, although it is a fairly optimistic rumor. At least this modem would justify a price 50 to 100 dollars higher, as happened on Android models.

As for the charger, Apple would sell for both the iPhone 12 and others separately, with a power of 20 watts.

Estimates for the launch of the iPhone 12

In September, Apple announced only two new watches and two new tablets. But one of them was Air 4, which uses the same A14 processor that will be on the iPhone 12.

In the case of telephones, rumors indicate the date of October 13 for the official event. Then, a week later, the iPhone 12 would be on sale, but in some countries. It would be available in the rest of the world from October 30.

The smallest version would have a 5.4-inch screen and a new name: iPhone 12 Mini. Otherwise, it would be an iPhone 12 Max, a Pro, but also a Pro Max. Recently, the director of British Telecom he said that the launch is very close.

Finally, in terms of calendar, with possible different dates for each model, and in 2017 Apple launched a similar strategy for the iPhone X. That was an anniversary model and came on the market only in November, while the first iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were launched. Anyway, until then, if you already have an Apple phone, you can try iOS 14.


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