This week the pre-sale of the Xbox Series X and S Series in various countries around the world including the United States, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia, and more. However, Microsoft consoles did not last long on the market before all the stock ran out, so Microsoft mentioned that there will be more units available on launch day, that is, next November 10.

Amazon was one of the stores in several of these countries that participated in the pre-sale, although for some strange reason it only did it with the X Series, however, if you are one of the users who pre-bought the console in Jeff’s store Bezos, the following news may not be of much joy.

The company has announced that customers who have reserved Series X may not have the console on launch day. Amazon argues that this is due to the high demand for the console in the store, but that they will go to great lengths to try to get the console to all customers on the 1st, that is, November 10.

Amazon has mentioned the same for users who reserved the PS5 in its store, and for now these ads have been launched in the United States, so it would not be strange if the same happens in Spain and other countries that reserved the console in Amazon, and in Mexico the exact same thing could happen.

When will the Series X and Series S pre-sale begin in Mexico?

Xbox Mexico has confirmed that there will be pre-sale in Mexico of the new consoles, but that we will have to wait a little longer to have all the details, and it is very likely that Amazon Mexico is also one of the stores where the console is available in pre-sale, so if you are thinking of buying on Amazon, you should consider a possible delay in delivery.

This is because unlike other stores in the world, Amazon is the one that sells the most, so it is logical that there are more users ordering the console directly from Jeff Bezos’ store, which makes it more difficult to satisfy the demand for all users for the first day.

In events such as Buen Fin, Hot Sale or Black Friday, where the demand for orders increases considerably, the delivery time increases even though you are a Prime member and have “guaranteed” fast shipments the next day. This is totally understandable due to the situation, so it is not something that should surprise us even if it is Amazon.

Our last experience with a pre-order product on Amazon was with the release of Nintendo 3D All Stars, which we requested from the day it went on pre-order on Amazon, however, even though the game was released on September 18, we We received it until Thursday, September 24, that is, almost a week, so if the wait was longer with a game, with a new generation console the same thing is likely to happen.

The advantage was that the price we paid for the game was lower for buying it in reserve compared to the launch price, so this could be an advantage that users who buy Series X in pre-sale in Mexico enjoy, but that we will still have. to wait to check it out.