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Like many hobbyists, the story of András Földvári began with the novel Around the Earth in Eighty Days.

András Földvári tells the Index. The 68-year-old far exceeded his childhood goal. It has already toured 799 airports around the world in all 193 countries recognized by the UN – the 80th airport on the boot list will be the Brandenburg Airport that is now opening in Berlin. And during the adventurous decades, he traveled as many kilometers as twelve times the distance between Earth and the Moon.

In order for someone to be among the most traveled Hungarians, conscious construction is required. Földvári said that after graduating from the College of Commerce with a degree in marketing, his father recommended him to the then state trust in the brewing industry.

– says. Fortunately, one of the employees of Malév Air Tours’ North American group resigned then, so he could start his career at the Hungarian airline instead of the state brewery. The destination countries ran out of the long list of boots thanks to official trips and staff tickets, but Földvári did not stop after his retirement in 2018. He embarked on a tour of the southern hemisphere of the world and was just visiting the Solomon Islands when he decided to write a book about his adventures.

– so Földvári.

Finally, through a friend of a journalist in the XXI. Century Publisher saw fantasy in the story. Although the publication was first postponed citing the coronavirus epidemic, in the end, it was the quarantined readers who were most pleased with the volume. The book is slowly reaching its fourth edition.

The coronavirus stopped not only book publishing but also Földvár. The traveling retiree is currently preparing for Costa Rica, where he will accompany a puppy to his new owner. And in addition to assignments like this, he constantly hunts for cheap tickets, reconciling low-cost flight offers with epidemiological restrictions with great routine.

– says Földvár to the question of why it is good to travel. We agree that if we go abroad from time to time, it helps to be frustrated and aloof, but according to Földvár, this hobby is not for everyone either.

According to him

Of course, the experienced traveler can also encounter more difficult terrain, such as Lagos in Nigeria and Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

– he says, and in Dhaka, Földvári collided with the all-encompassing waste. His favorite country is Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, east of Africa: he loves strangers in an island country proud of its multicultural roots, while its cuisine is diverse and of course it boasts amazing beaches.

The atmosphere in the country is characterized by the fact that newspapers are printed in three languages: English is the official language, French is spoken on the street, while Creole is the language of the majority of people. mother tongue.

It is not true that a more serious journey requires wealth. Low-cost airlines are already launching intercontinental flights, and ticket prices have fallen sharply due to the coronavirus epidemic. We also asked András Földvári about what to look for in more shaky areas. Here are the travel and survival tips for the world traveler in points:



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