Visibility is one of the factors that most interfere with road safety and we are aware of this in situations where this ability is most affected, such as at night or in heavy rain and fog. When using vehicles such as cars, which have an integrated lighting system, we may not be so aware of the importance of being seen and making ourselves visible to others, but in the case of users of small personal mobility vehicles, this aspect is crucial to maintain safety.

See, be visible and signalize: the keys to circulate safely with VMP

It is because of that it is highly recommended to wear reflective clothing or carry something with these characteristics on you when riding a bike or scooter at night or in low light conditions. In addition, driving with lights is mandatory and not doing so is sanctioned with a 200 euro fine in accordance with the Traffic Regulations.

To increase safety when riding a bike or scooter at night, there are several garment options and reflective items that can be used. Most are available in specialty stores, workshops, and even sports establishments.

  • Vest.Probably the best known and easiest garment to get. There are several variants available to choose the one that is most comfortable for the driver.
  • Stickers These stickers are less visible than the vest, but cheaper. They come in packs and can be placed in the vehicle (whatever the type) to increase the chances of being seen.
  • Wristbands and anklets. They are like bracelets made with reflective bands that are placed around areas such as the wrists, ankles or arms to be more visible.
  • Bracelets of light. As its name suggests, without bracelets that give off bright flashes.