Bicycles are a comfortable and beneficial means of urban transport for both the environment and health. In addition, there are hardly any towns in Spain that have not promoted your own bike sharing service, so there are almost no excuses for not moving with these ecological vehicles.

But either for a lack of uniformity in the traffic regulations of each city or due to ignorance, there are still many cyclists and users who are unaware of the correct use of bicycles and the road safety rules to which they are subject.

If you want to avoid a fine of 200 euros, better remove the headphones on the bike

A very generalized attitude among the cycling community is crossing the zebra crossings on the bike, which is an offense fined up to 200 euros according to the Traffic Regulations, which is of state application.

In article 65 of the aforementioned regulation the priority of passage between pedestrians and drivers of any type of vehicle is regulated and explained. For the purposes of the law, and as stated in article 4, a bicycle in motion with a person on it is considered a vehicle, so those cyclists who cross a zebra crossing without getting off the bike will be committing a serious offense.

In case of doubts regarding the rules, It is necessary to know that in the state scope the current text is always the General Traffic Regulation, although at the local level each city council has the power to change, promulgate or qualify the rules of circulation and mobility.

Before any uncertainty, it is best to always follow what is dictated in the regulations and get off the bike at the zebra crossings, do not drive on the sidewalks and do so on the bike lane or road and park the vehicle on the posts designated for it.