Gamer who respects himself and who started playing from the beginning of the 90 knows that at that time there was a bloody war between Nintendo and Sega.

It was a time when the Big N dominated the gaming scene and Sega sought to dethrone the company, making use of a aggressive marketing campaign.

Sega did not stick with its strategy in launching Genesis and in the placement of Sonic as a mascot to compete against Mario, but also used phrases like in your television and print ads.

It was a war between companies that decades later became the focus of a book called Console Wars, written by Blake J. Harris and published in 2014, whose rights were acquired that same year by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (duo known for movies like Superbad, Pineapple Express and This is the End) to make it into a movie.

The original idea of ​​adapting the book to the big screen changed over time and the final strategy was to make a television product.

It is until now, six years after the publication of the book and the entry of Rogen and Goldberg, that we have the first preview of Console Wars, whose premiere will be this September 23 through CBS All Access.

And hand trailer and have a trip to the past:

The description of the documentary film reza:

Consola Wars takes viewers on a journey to 1990, when Sega -an arcade company- put together a team of misfits to shoot the world’s largest video game company, Nintendo.

Was a unique conflict without barriers that pitted brothers against brothers, children against adults, Sonic against Mario and American capitalism against centuries-old traditions of Japan. For the first time, the men and women who fought in that war, for both Nintendo and Sega, discuss this battle that defined a generation. ‘