Grand Theft Auto It is one of the most important sagas in the entire history of video games.

Beyond the last installment, Grand Theft Auto V -launched in 2013-, is the second best-selling game of all time, we are talking about a franchise that changed without return the industry landscape.

In 2001 it was Grand Theft Auto III the one who proposed the model open world with which we are so familiar today and everything obeys the vision that prevailed within its developer studio: Rockstar.

Bearing in mind the colossal importance of Rockstar in the video game industry, the Spanish author Sofia Francisco is about to publish a book focused on the history of the company, on the key movements that put it at the top.

The name of the book is Rockstar: The Video Game Star and in it Francico collects all the games that he has published so far, while addressing the contexts and the opinions they have generated.

In this era the games of Rockstar can be classified as adjusted to the tastes and expectations of the public, but in the two thousand they detonated a series of discussions that even reached the political sphere of the United States.

We are talking about a decade in which the company launched not only Grand Theft Auto, but also titles like Manhunt, in which the violence was stark, or Bully, which despite being aimed at the adolescent public was not spared from controversy.

Francisco is no stranger to video game book authorshipbecause from his pen also came The ludonarrative dissonance in video games, Walking simulators: Exploration turned into a video game Y Gamification in the company: Design and applications.

Rockstar: The Video Game Star It seems like a must for those who are really passionate about the company and will be published on November 19th through Dolmen Editorial.