“If indicted, Michael Cohen is fully prepared to testify against Trump,” he says with certainty.

Michael Cohen, former personal attorney for Donald Trump, claimed in an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America” that he is ready to testify in potential trials following his testimony before the Manhattan grand jury. He confirmed that there were things done wrong when working for Trump, but did not expect democracy to be at stake as a direct result of him. Prosecutors requested evidence from Cohen regarding the 2016 payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels and he believes they have enough evidence to indict and convict the former president.

When asked about his greatest regret during his time with Trump, Cohen confessed accepting a job from him and ignoring advice from family members who suggested otherwise. He noted that it cost him much more than finances alone; it affected his happiness and law license too. However, he insists that justice will be served eventually.

Trump paid Daniels $130k in 2016’s presidential campaign allegedly making her quiet about their affair – which she had claimed having- has been denied by both sides multiple times since then. Company records suggest reimbursement made by The Trump Organization of around $130K being recorded as attorney expense rather than hush funds provisions which leads accusations towards illegal acts against Michael Avenatti (lawyer), Cohens own representation on this case.-according to prosecutors-. Several people intervened into investigating into this matter including Hope Hicks,Kellyanne Conway or Stormy Daniel herself.

Prosecutors have called uponDonald Trumpto testify on this investigation indicating they may decide if if should face charges soon or not after other witnesses come forward.On past occasionswhere such indictments took place reported indictment until now none has been formally issued.Aaron Katersky contributed reporting for ABC News.

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