Kimi Räikkönen stretched to a great performance at the Imola GP on Sunday. The Finnish driver rose from 18th to ninth place, which also gave birth to the title of the best driver of the day voted by the fans.

The performance was strong, but there was room for maneuver.

Räikkönen drove 49 laps without a depot stop and was fourth at best. Really soon after the Icebreaker’s depot stop, Max Verstappen’s tire exploded and a safety car was called to the track.

If Räikkönen had stayed on the track, the ranking could have been even better than now. A team radio talk posted on Twitter reveals that the bad timing really kidded the veteran a lot.

– Security car, security car, race engineer Julien Simon-Chautemps says on team radio.

– Fuck! Räikkönen shouts in Finnish with great devotion.

– Fuck, if we had stayed on the track, Räikkönen updates in English.

– I know, I know, the race engineer is sorry.

If the video does not appear, you can watch its here.

Räikkönen was asked about the situation in a post-race interview. He assured at the time that a later depot stop would not have been of much importance.

The feelings had already cooled.

– I don’t know if it would have changed much. We should have been more patient in that situation, Räikkönen said.

The Imola GP saw the opposite situation compared to Räikkö when Lewis Hamilton visited the depot during the yellow flags. The British driver got a free stop and retained his top spot.

The virtual safety car was pulled out of its tism at the same time as Hamilton curved onto the track. The Mercedes star once again celebrated the victory.

Räikkönen’s teammate Antonio Giovinazzi was tenth on Sunday. Iceman and Giovinazzi are 16th and 17th in the World Championships, both with four points.