Iceland’s most active volcano, Grímsvötn, is coming to life. As a first step, the Icelandic authorities have raised the level of aviation warning by one notch from green to yellow.

The warning scale has four levels, so the highest level does not yet exist.

However, seismologists have observed phenomena in the vicinity of Grímsvötn that may indicate its eruption in the near future.

Volcano in a state of “unrest”

The earth is vibrating more actively, suggesting that magma is moving towards the surface. The volcano is located completely under the Vatnajökull glacier, where it has formed a lake.

Now the surface of the lake is above normal.

The ground has changed shape since the summer in the same way as before the 2011 eruption.

– Several geological data show that Grímsvötn has now reached a state of unrest that usually precedes eruptions, according to the Icelandic Meteorological Institute. in the bulletin.

There are thus several warning signs, but it is still very difficult to predict the timing and intensity of the eruption.