Iceland: Fire in Reykjavik. Three Poles are dead

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Three Polish civilians died in a fire in a residential building in central Reykjavik, which took place on Thursday, June 25. The information, after the victims were identified by the Icelandic authorities, was confirmed by the Polish ambassador on Saturday.

As reported by the Ambassador to the Polish Republic of Gerard Pokruszyński, three Polish civilians died as a result of the fire, two were hospitalized and several survivors lost their belongings, including clothing, computers and documents.

The Polish diplomatic mission took care of the victims and the families of the victims.

The investigation into the causes of the fire was started by the Icelandic police.

The fire started on Thursday afternoon in a building where foreign employees of an employment agency lived. According to the Icelandic newspaper Frettabladid, 73 people were registered at home, most of whom were foreigners.

Among them 28 Poles, 28 Latvians, 12 Lithuanians, 3 Romanians and 1 tenant from Spain and Iceland. According to RUV, the Icelandic public broadcaster, there were up to 10 people in the building when the fire broke out.

Some of them saved themselves by jumping out the windows.

The firefighting operation, which involved 60 firefighters, was completed on Friday morning.

According to the Icelandic portal, one of the tenants of this building complained about poor living conditions in 2015. The technical condition of the house since last year also worried the Icelandic union Efling.


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