Ibrahimovic He has returned to the scene for extra-sporting issues, in case his seven goals in five games this season were not enough to talk about the forward. The referent of this renewed Milan worried the fans rossoneri in late September when he tested positive for coronavirus, but Zlatan was able to overcome it without major complications.

For this reason, he has now wanted to send a message to his followers in which he intends raise awareness about the danger of the pandemic and the importance of putting on the mask. In addition, it places special emphasis on that no one should challenge the virus because “you are not Zlatan.

“The virus has challenged me and I have beaten it. But you are not Zlatan, don’t challenge the virus. Use your head and respect the rules of detachment and use of a mask, always. We will win ”, says the forward in a video that he has shared on his social networks.

This message is part of a campaign in the Lombardy region and its president, Attilio Fontana, explained how he came up with the idea to collaborate with Ibrahimovic after the recent derby between Milan and Inter in which the Rossoneri won, precisely, with two goals from the Swede.