Zlatan Ibrahimovic He is usually a good wardrobe partner, and it is not the first time that he has gestures with some of them. The last one was on a special date for all video game fans.

Knowing that game consoles are the best friends of footballers in concentrations and breaks between games, the Swedish striker has had a very remarkable detail with each of the Milan footballers. The same day that it went on sale, each and every one of them found a brand new New PS5 that Ibrahimovic had given them.

The Spanish Samu castillejo O Brahim Diaz among others they received with great joy the early Christmas gift from an early Santa Claus.

The gift has cost Ibrahimovic a small pinch. Taking into account that the Milan squad is made up of about 25 footballers and that the price of each console is about 500 euros, the striker has spent just over 13,500 euros in a detail with his companions. Something that, on the other hand, does not mean so much for a footballer who charges a 6 million annually.