Andrea Iannone continues to serve his 18-month disqualification for doping imposed by the International Motorcycling Federation for taking steroids, something that he denies and in whose innocence your Aprilia team believes.

The pilot appealed his sanction, which became effective in March, while the World Anti-Doping Agency called for it to be extended up to four years. Now, the Italian has spoken about how he feels about such a situation.

“I feel kidnapped, as if my life has been stolen. My duty is to follow the rules and wait for justice to take its course“he told the media in Milan.

“Today I am suffering, but at the same time I am more mature and aware. This period has taught me so much that everything in life is unpredictable and difficult to calculate. Today, if I hear people complain about useless things, I tell them to learn to appreciate the things they have. My life has changed, “he added, resigned to the penalty that has kept him away from his motorcycle since the end of 2019.

This Thursday, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) will meet to make a decision regarding the MotoGP rider.