“I make decisions with my heart”

Daniela Büchner and Ennesto Monté only made their love public a few days ago. And immediately a flood of comments and opinions followed. Danni is now commenting that these were not only positive.

Daniela Büchner, 42, is tired of it. She constantly has to come to terms with the unsolicited opinion of others. But it seems to be enough for her. On Instagram, she makes a clear announcement and defends her relationship with Ennesto Monté, 45.

Daniela Büchner: “I often find it almost cheeky what people write”

Jens Büchner’s widow (†) writes about a new selfie that she no longer wants to accept some messages from people. “I have received a lot of messages about Ennesto and myself. First of all, I wanted to thank you for all the positive news,” Danni begins her post, but then changes her tone. “However, I have to say that there was also some negative news.”

It would be in the public eye, but that would not give people the right to judge it. “I often find it almost cheeky what people write. I make decisions with my heart, my gut feeling and my head …”

Daniela Büchner doesn’t want to put up with everything

In her story, the 42-year-old brings up the topic again. “In fact, I read everything that people say, write, say in videos,” says Danni Büchner. And further: “I just think a lot of people show their true character by getting involved in things that are none of their business.” Pony hairstyle, stars with bangs (SEO)

But besides her words, something else stands out: She shows herself with a rare hairstyle. Danni wears her pony open. However, she is not really happy with it, as she admits. In the comments, however, the reality TV star received encouragement from her fans – not only about the hairstyle, but also about her new love.

Sources used: Instagram


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