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If ‘Time’ is right, this geobiologist is among the 100 most influential people in the world. Hope years (Austin, USA, 1969), who made his book ‘The Secret Memory of Leaves’ a ‘best-seller’, is at the forefront of the fight against climate change. In ‘El eagerness without limits’ (Paidós) he invites us to review our life and make some corrections. The grace is that he puts into practice what he preaches.

– Ready to alarm?
-Meter fear does not lead to good choices. One of the teachings of this covid-19 is that many of the things we thought necessary have become optional. We can make great choices.

-How big?
-Every day we decide what we eat, what we wear, how we educate our children, how we move, what we do on vacation. These choices become habits, and habits make up a culture.

-Is the existing one catastrophic?
-We always want more. Nothing seems enough to us. We have to find ways to get rid of the extra.

-For you ‘extras’ are the heating, the vacuum cleaner, the dishwasher.
-Everything that makes the temperature rise and fall. I invite you to take a look at our lives and record what we consume in a notebook. In the domestic sphere, energy savings can reach 75%.

-Going cold and with more dust.
-Each person must define their consumption reduction. Some people prefer to refrain from air conditioning, remove the dryer and tend to the sun or be vegan. This is not a religion.

“Seen wool sweaters, I walk to work, wood predominates at home and I don’t leave Norway on vacation “

-Let’s talk about your choices. She lives in Oslo and not Austin.
-My paternal family is of Norwegian origin and Europeans are more prepared to tackle climate solutions.

-Go on, go on.
-In my house wood predominates, I wear woolen jumpers, I walk to work – I only use the car to transport things that I can’t carry – I don’t remember the last time I took a plane, on vacation I don’t leave Norway, I communicate by Zoom, I eat meat three times a week.

-Do you shower every day?
-[Ríe] No.

– Isn’t it unfair to place the responsibility on the individual and not on the powers?
-I have been a researcher for 25 years, many of them dedicated to climate change. I know the urgency of global legislation on the environment, but neither governments – even those that signed the Kyoto protocol – nor industry have done anything. It is waiting for a train that will never arrive.

“Wait for governments and the industry do something for him
environment is waiting for a train that will never arrive “

-Depressing conclusion.
-I will give you a simile: I am an ordinary person who goes to the store to buy food for 100, and the next day, for as many and the next, I fill the car more. The store owner will never say to me, “Do you need that much?”

-It would go against the logic of capital.
-People are the ones who ‘make’ the store, the industry and politics. A person thinking differently is something real. Against climate change we need real changes.

-Another mantra of yours is: “Use less, share more.” And about sharing …
-To decide, the most effective thing is to do an examination of our waste. The caliber of waste gives the measure of all that we can redistribute.

-Just like Trump, it would be good to read his book before the end of the campaign.
-He is unable to read. I’d rather have it read by Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand Prime Minister.

“The caliber of our waste gives the measure of what we can redistribute “

-If we ignore it, will the sixth extinction come?
-Extinction occurs when 75% of species disappear. We have lost 25% and we have room for maneuver. Our ability to create problems is the same as to solve them. Our children will fight against the severity of the climate, as our generation opposed nuclear power plants and fought for the alliance of the peoples. They will succeed, but it is important to prepare them.

-In the event of a final catastrophe, what will survive?
-All unicellular organisms, which have been around for 4,000 years and would only disappear if the Sun exploded.

-Like the covid-19 in Spain, which does not disappear. Do you explain it?
-Probably Spain has had bad luck.



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